Why soy wax candles?

Here at Willow & Finn we create only hand poured, small batch, eco friendly soy wax candles.

Hand poured and small batch because that way you get the best, and biggest fragrance distribution.  That means your candles will give off fragrance right until the bottom of the jar. With cotton wicks, for a clean and consistent burn.

And we're eco friendly because that makes sense right? our soy wax is ethically sourced, and is super friendly to the environment being completely carbon neutral. It also burns much slower than paraffin wax so you get a longer burn time. All our packaging is the same, where we can use recyclable, reusable packaging we will.  It's important to us, and to you.

Our essential oils are pure, and our fragrance oils all paraben and phalate free.  Burn our candles knowing you won't be putting harsh chemicals into your home.

And finally, we create scents that help you get through the day, that invigorate and uplift you or send you to sleep at night. Our luxury home scents will transport you to a memory, a holiday in the sun, or a walk in the woods.  A place to feel the breeze, and create a quiet place just for you.