How to use our refill candles

Refill your Willow & Finn candle jars with our selection of soy wax candle refills.  Each has a burn time of around 50 hours and is made to fit our classic jar. We have a large selection of fragrances so you can change up your scent every time!

Not only is it a more cost effective way to enjoy our candles but it also offers a more sustainable way. Making less waste and therefore less impact on the environment.
With soy wax being water soluble, cleaning your Willow & Finn jar will be straightforward.

step by step guide

  1. Once you’ve finished burning your current candle, clean out your jar by either pouring hot water onto the wax and waiting for it to cool before picking at the disc of wax that rises to the surface. Or by placing in soapy water and cleaning gently.  Remove the old wick sticker and discard. Do NOT place in the dishwasher. 
  2. Make sure the glass is crack free.
  3. Remove the packaging from your refill and pop it into your jar.  
  4. Trim your wick to around 0.5cm.
  5. Light the wick. Burn for around 1 hour, or until the top layer of wax has fully melted before blowing out. This ensures a better burn when you light your candle again. 
  6. Enjoy your scent!

candle care

These refills have NOT be designed to burn on their own. They've been designed to refill your candle jar once all the wax has been used up. Keep your wick trimmed to get the most out of your candle. Let your candle burn for at least 2 hours to help the candle burn more evenly every time.