Candles made with you, and the environment in mind

Here at Willow & Finn we create only hand poured, small batch, eco friendly soy wax candles.

And we're eco friendly because that makes sense right? our soy wax is ethically sourced, and is super friendly to the environment being completely carbon neutral. Our packaging all recyclable.

Our essential oils are pure, and our fragrance oils all paraben and phalate free

And finally, we create scents that help you get through the day, that invigorate and uplift you or send you to sleep at night. Our luxury home scents will transport you to a memory, a holiday in the sun, or a walk in the woods.  A place to feel the breeze, and create a quiet place just for you.

And relax

Size: Amber jar

Find some quiet time, light the candle and slip into some deep relaxation.

Our Story

Willow is connected to my microbakery, I live by the River Ash in Shepperton, Surrey with a billowing Willow tree at the bottom of our garden.  It felt fitting that Willow became the name of the bakery.  And so 3 years ago Willow Microbakery was born.  With a passion for good bread, I created a bakery for the local community that now enjoys mostly sourdoughs through the month. 

But after a tricky couple of years nursing very poorly parents, I needed to find a way to nurture myself outside of making the bread. As a daughter, wife and mother my time was being split a million ways and finding me time was becoming more difficult.  I found solace in creating unique blends of essential oils for my own soy wax candles.  As a massage therapist I understood the therapeutic values of these oils, and as candle lover, for me filling a room with a soothing scent is my idea of bliss.  And so my journey started in creating candles with both mood and ethics in mind.  And then I was asked to create them for bakery customers, and friends.  And so it began.  Making more and more candles, until I realised I needed to step back and regroup.

So I re-branded with a label that I feel is soft, gentle and gloriously fitting for a home of either contemporary or rustic design.

Willow is our beautiful tree, and Finn our glorious 9 year old boy who has shown us how unconditional love can be.  He gives a helping hand in the bakery, as well as choosing scents for candles and working alongside me at market stalls.  All with energy and an unwavering smile.  It felt deserving that this little boy should become an integral part of the journey, and so Willow & Finn was born!

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