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With you and the environment in mind

Here at Willow & Finn we create hand poured, small batch, eco friendly soy wax candles and offer a specially curated range of home and wellness products with you and the environment in mind.

And we're eco friendly
because that makes sense right? our soy wax is ethically sourced, and
is super friendly to the environment being completely carbon neutral.
Our packaging all recyclable.

And finally, we create scents that help you get through the day, that invigorate and uplift you or send you to sleep at night. Our luxury home scents will transport you to a memory, a holiday in the sun, or a walk in the woods.  A place to feel the breeze, and create a quiet place just for you.

Some amazing reviews


My order came quickly and was packaged really nicely and safely! I got
the smell comforting hug which is so nice. I would definitely recommend
and will hopefully buy from here again. Thanks so much :)



I visited Willow &Finn in Shepperton and spotted this
beautiful scarf. The colour is divine, it is so wonderfully soft and
being a neutral colour will go with everything. The lady who served me
was very knowledgeable about her products and her suppliers and even
gave me a complementary soy melt in milk and honey which is also divine.

It's such a pleasure to meet and support an independent business who
clearly have a passion for their quality products.


I bought this Autumn Skies & Apple Pies candle at an artisan fair, and I just adore the fragrence.


Starry Starry Night - IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!

I used this scent for my make your own candle and it is amazing, I keep it on my desk every day and the smell wafts onto my bed and I love it, it smells of peppermint and it is just so amazing I really recommend it. I'm not sure whether you should get the
travel-sized one or the normal one but if you are planning on doing the
workshop and this scent is there then please use it and you will be so amazed. when you smell it, it creates a whole new atmosphere that can
change you. I will continually buy this over and over and I don't even
need to light it for there to be an amazing smell that carries a whole
room. oh, my days, it is just so good I can't stop typing about how amazing it is, JUST BUY IT!!! you really won't regret it. trust me.

Most Popular

And Relax Soy wax Candle

Notes: lavender + patchouli

Breathe out, light the candle and rest - this restful and reviving
blend with the fresh citrus notes of bergamot, a light scent of lavender
and the earthy grounding scent of patchouli. A perfect accompaniment to a soak in the bath.  

Made using pure essential oils, and a cotton wick.  

Wedding Candles

Sparking nostalgia for years to come, we make personalised soy candles
and favours for your special day, wax melts or mini candles make great
favours and our candles can be used on tables to permeate the air with
wonderful scent. Hire a hurricane lantern from us for venues who don’t
allow an open flame.

Candle Making Workshops

We love teaching our candle making
craft, and have been running face to face workshops for some time at our
workshop in Shepperton.  These events are so relaxing, and we do them in small groups of up to 8.