Botanical Wellbeing

A gorgeous selection of synthetic free products to relax and revive.
Botanical Wellbeing
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Yellow Gorse Revitalising Foot Soak (2 cubes)
Yellow Gorse Sleep Balm
Yellow Gorse Calm Balm
Yellow Gorse Sleep Box
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And Relax Essential Oil Blend
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Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend
And So to Bed Essential Oil Blend
Comforting Hug Essential Oil Blend
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Back to Happiness Essential Oil Blend
Yellow Gorse De-Stress Himalayan Bath Salts
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Yellow Gorse Relax and Unwind Bath Soak
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Bubble & Blake Pink Clay Soap with Rose Geranium
Bubble & Blake French Red Clay with Jojoba beans facial soap
Bubble & Blake Lavender & Clary Sage soap
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