Scented Weddings


Sparking nostalgia for years to come, we make personalised soy candles and favours for your special day, wax melts or mini candles make great favours and our candles can be used on tables to permeate the air with wonderful scent. Hire a hurricane lantern from us for venues who don’t allow an open flame.

Our Soy Wax Melt Discovery Box is a great way to try all our fragrances to see which you like best.

Here’s some tips from Wedding Ideas Magazine on how to create a scented wedding:

Top tips:

  • Always err on the side of caution. Subtlety is better than potency. If you have scented candles, have them dotted around the edges of the room and keep the unscented candles on the tables. You’ll have no-doubt spent a fortune on flowers so you’ll want to be able to smell them and the warm glow from the unscented candles will create a nice ambience.
  • Stick to one fragrance per room. If you have a few scents that compliment your flower arrangements, use different ones in different areas or rooms. This way people will be able to pick up on the subtle nuances.
  • Make sure your venue allows open flames, otherwise you’ll need to look at reed diffusers (or using hurricane lanterns).
  • Choose your wedding flowers first, before your additional scents and ask your florist for advice on pairing your scents.

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