There’s something almost enchanting about September. As we say a fond farewell to the lush green woods, abundant wildflowers and long balmy days at the beach, and as summer fades away for another year, there’s often a sense of renewed energy, an emphasis on new routines and a chance to hit refresh. It’s time for new projects, and to prepare for the cold and long months ahead. But September feels welcome. That fresh early autumnal air mixed with the warmth of the fading sun never fails to create the most perfect September days. The start of a new cycle in nature and the most dramatic change in the seasons is often filled with anticipation. It’s a month for gratitude, to be grateful for warm days where you can still feel the sun on your face as well as look forward to what autumn will bring.

As autumn takes hold, we often seek out warmth and cosiness. We look to our homes to provide us with the opportunity to nest. While nature is busying itself with preparations for winter, we tend to do the same in our quest for comfort. It’s time for extra throws and soft blankets, ambient lighting and candles to really create a feeling of joy at home.

By the end of the month of September, the environment around us will have changed from the fresh and vibrant abundant bloom of summer to the bold golden glow of autumn. And with it comes the subtle earthy aroma mixed with the brisk breeze. It’s time to transition from the fresh, cool feminine and floral scents, to more rich, smooth, spicy or masculine notes that will warm up the home. The leathery aroma of Dumbledore’s Office and A Woodland Stroll with deep earthy undertones are beautiful options for autumn, or for a more sensual and uplifting scent which also works great as the seasons change, try our mood boosting Comforting Hug.

It’s time for sheepskin slippers, curling up in cosy cashmere and drinking hot chocolate by the fire - and to fill your home with the aroma of comfort!

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