A fabulously relaxing wellness set, with a softly scented essential oil candle to create an immersive embroidery experience whilst sipping a herbal tea. Comes in a natural jute bag, and includes:

Wilder Organic’s Calm & Support Tea 

Wilder Botanics products are created from the finest organic wild crafted energetic ingredients, completely sustainable and recyclable. There are no chemicals or preservatives, just pure natural products for your body. All Wilder products are lovingly hand blended in small batches.

Organic Oat flowering tops : protecting & restoring
Oat flowering tops are highly nutritious to the nervous system helping to support the body from the inside out especially when exhausted , helping to restore balance within us all.

Organic Chamomile : Calming & supporting
Chamomile was believed by the ancient Egyptians to restore the wholeness back to oneself
This fragrant flower soothes a fraught stressed out nervous system and irrational irritability often a byproduct of stress.

Organic Lemon Balm : Relaxing & uplifting
Lemon Balm is a wonderful restorative herb that gives a sense of peace , clarity and harmony strengthening our vital energy.

And a little organic Lavender : Uplifting & soothing
A little Lavender adds the sweet uplifting taste and scent of Summer helping to ease anxiety and any feelings of fatigue.

 Love in a Mist Pure Essential Oil 60ml Candle

Notes: peppermint + geranium + vetiver 

A walk in the fresh Spring air, this pure essential oil blend is delicate and fresh floral mix that is reminiscent of a morning walk on a Spring morning. Uplifts the mind and refreshes the soul. 

Ranunculus Mini Embroidery Set

From the talented Nicki Franklin at the Stitchery, this little Ranunculus Wreath is an easy and relaxing little stitch. So-called ‘mini’ simply due to the simplicity of the design, the kit has fewer stitches and fewer thread colours than the usual standalone kits.

Embroidery kit suitable for beginners.

Kit contains instructions, printed antique linen and all threads required to complete the embroidery.  As well as embroidery scissors, a hoop, and needles.




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