We'll send you a little variety so you get something a little different every month.

So as part of your subscription, you will get either:

  • One of our 180ml apothecary bestselling, seasonal candles for you to enjoy, along with a little tealight of a different fragrance to try
  • Or, we'll send you a apothecary jar travel candle and a beautiful box or bottle of matches to enjoy, along with a tea light.
  • Or, a travel candle, an essential oil blend for you to use in an oil diffuser or to pop in the bath, and a little tea light surprise.
  • Or, a travel candle and relaxing handmade lavender eye pillow

All packaged in a gorgeous, fully recyclable box.  You'll also be the first to try new fragrances!

If you'd like to send this as a gift, we can handwrite a personal note to the recipient for you - just leave a note when you order.

Can be cancelled at any time. 

Your card will be charged each month before despatch.  

We'll despatch all orders 15th of the month. If you order on this date, your order will be added to the next month's delivery.

Only available for delivery in the UK, and delivery is included in the price.


This 3 month subscription is perfect for gifting.

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