Having lived in Shepperton for nearly 12 years, we've watched our high street go through huge change.  Despite difficult times, we're starting to see our high street come back to life in recent months and we feel it might be ready for something more!

With the lack of an eco-conscious, sustainable option for gifting - we want to bring a more eco-friendly flavour to the high street - as well as providing the community access to a number of face to face workshops for wellness and mental health.

We are looking for support to help us open a wellness shop, cafe and studio in Shepperton. We'd like to create a vibrant, community focused space for wellness and sustainable products which is missing from our high street.

And that means something with enough space for a reasonable refill space for our zero waste range, a space for larger and more diverse workshops - all supporting mental health and wellness.  And a bigger area for production to support our growing soy candle making business.

We've found the right space in Shepperton, we need your help to get there!

What can your support help us to achieve?

  • Your funds could help us fit out, and create a large space that the whole community could enjoy, with regular workshops for artisan crafts as well as wellness talks, meditation and yoga experiences

  • A small cafe area (very small) so people can enjoy our space a little longer than usual

  • A refill space so we could bring zero waste to Shepperton in a bigger way

  • We’d have a bigger space to increase our production significantly, and develop some new and interesting wellness products like calm balms, sleep sprays, room sprays, botanical natural beauty products which would support our growing online business.

  • Improve our wholesale offering, and  therefore create employment opportunities for local people.

Ultimately we want to create a space where people can come and support other local artisans, where they can enjoy the scents and relax while enjoying some retail therapy, and enjoy learning new skills or ways to benefit their health.

Who are we?

A family owned business, Willow & Finn morphed from a micro bakery we ran from our house in Shepperton.  With my background (Nicky) in aromatherapy and massage, candle making is something I’d done for years. I put a few out to test and our bakery customers loved them! In late 2019 I tested and tested and created a range of 4 pure essential oil candles.  A website followed. And social media pages.  I studied perfumery to really get to the core of how to develop unique scents.

Success to date

As the pandemic hit, I was able to spend a lot of time marketing the business on social media and things took off in a big way. We went from 0-100 in 3 months, with online sales increasing 100% we had to move out of our garden studio to a bigger space behind Nauticalia by Shepperton Lock, where a new shopping courtyard was being developed. We have since grown 50% year on year, which in this current climate is just amazing.

In 2022, we started a private label offering and a wholesale business, so you'll see our candles stocked across around 40 retailers in the UK!

What do we actually do?

We hand pour our own soy wax candles, melts and diffusers in our studio. And we have curated a range of eco friendly, artisan made gifts, homewares and vintage finds. We stock local artists work, and look to support as many local artisans as possible.

We are heavily focused on the environment, and our packaging reflects that.

Our candle making workshops, alongside our other workshops are renowned and are regularly full with people coming from all over the UK to attend. We strive to create a community focused business that supports local as much as we can.

Where we are today

  • We have a range of around 20 fragrances, most created by us from scratch and are totally unique. We make our own soy wax candles, tealights, melts, diffusers and hand wash and lotion.

  • We are sell our fragrance products to around 40 retailers across the UK.

  • We have grown 50% year on year since inception

  • We have a loyal online customer base with a return customer rate of 60%, which is no mean feat in todays competitive environment!

  • We have a loyal local following and an amazing local customer base. But our customers come from far afield to visit our shop, often Richmond, Twickenham. Wimbledon, Windsor and further!

  • We create private label candles for international brands like Timothy Oulton and a host of other local businesses.

  • We put on a range of workshops in our studio and shop in Shepperton, including candle making, perfumery, natural bath salts and scrubs, floristry, and more!

  • We work with local businesses to create corporate gifts and personalised candles.

  • We offer a small zero waste botanical wellness set of products where customers can refill their containers.

  • We have a curated range of wellness and homewares products and gifts with the environment in mind.

  • We are a team of 5 all working part time to support this growing business.

What’s next?

We are at the next stage of evolution.  We really want to build on what we’ve already started, by building a community focused offering, with wellness and the environment at its core, something we feel is missing in Shepperton.  But more broadly to make our offering more well known to other places in the UK by building on our online offering.

  • We  want to grow our space and make it usable to other wellness focused individuals that can share their knowledge with the local community.

  • We’ve had experts in to share their knowledge of managing menopause systems with essential oils for example, but we want to expand that to maybe offer other tools like mindfulness practice, yoga etc, that our current limited space hasn’t allowed us to do.

  • We want to expand our zero waste offering, it’s gone well but we could definitely have more products available and have a more defined area for refills.  With nothing on offer in our immediate area, it feels like this could be something Shepperton would appreciate.

  • We want to scale up our production, and we need more space to do that.  We want to add to our botanical wellness range and create more of our own products like calm balms, sleep sprays, room sprays.  We'd like to offer our wellness products to all our lovely customers both online and instore.

The Rewards

We’ve been working hard to come up with a great selection of rewards to offer for the crowdfunder, from event tickets, to candles and limited edition candles, classes etc. We hope there’s something you may be interested in.  Check out our crowdfunding collection here when it goes live.

UK postage is included as part of each reward, all rewards will be posted and we’re afraid no refunds on postage will be available if you decide to collect.

We cannot combine orders unfortunately, each pledge needs to be made individually. Rewards will be dispatched as and when they are ready, but no later than the date shown on the reward you pledge for.

Due to the nature of the crowdfunder, no refunds or exchanges can be made.